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The Power Of Laser Technology

Laser cleaning is a non-destructive method for the removal of thin residue layers from ferrous and non ferrous metals as well as other hard surfaces.

What Is Laser Cleaning?

Laser cleaning is a highly effective method for eliminating undesired substances from a solid surface through the application of a laser beam. When the laser beam interacts with the surface, the unwanted material absorbs its energy and undergoes one of two processes. It either transforms into a gas and evaporates, or the force generated by the laser interaction causes the material to detach from the surface. Meanwhile, the underlying surface, which does not absorb the laser energy, remains untouched and is restored to its original condition.

The advantages of laser technology extend beyond its cleaning capabilities. Laser cleaning offers several notable benefits, such as minimal setup requirements, enhanced safety measures, absence of chemical usage, quiet operation, and high efficiency. Furthermore, there is no mess to clean up afterward, and the technique incurs low operating costs. Additionally, laser cleaning demands minimal maintenance, making it a convenient choice. Last but not least, this approach is environmentally friendly, aligning with sustainable practices.

Our Mission

At Pro Clean Laser, our mission is to provide the best mobile laser cleaning services in the industry. We offer eco-friendly, chemical-free, safe, and cost-efficient solutions using the power of laser technology.

The Power Of Laser Technology

Eco-friendly, Chemical-free, Safe Cleaning - Harnessing The Power Of Laser Technology.
  • 1
    Corrosion, Rust & Oxide Removal
    Laser rust removal offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to manual and chemical cleaning methods, while preserving the integrity of the metal.
  • 2
    Graffiti & Paint Removal
    Our managers are available round-the-clock to address any inquiries you may have. Feel free to reach out to us during weekends and evenings as well.
  • 3
    Coating & Overspray Removal
    • Laser cleaning offers a safe and efficient method to eliminate hazardous coatings from specific areas without causing any damage to the underlying surface.
  • 4
    Heritage Restoration & Conservation
    Laser cleaning utilizes a gentle and highly effective approach by employing a non-abrasive and non-contact method to remove undesirable and unsightly deposits.
  • 5
    Biofilm Removal
    Gentle rinsing is ineffective in removing biofilms, but laser cleaning can effectively vaporize them, preventing further deterioration of the surface on which they have grown.
  • 6
    Injection Mold Cleaning.
    Laser mold cleaning efficiently removes contaminants from molds without causing damage to surrounding machinery or equipment. Our process effectively eliminates stubborn residue, ensuring thorough cleaning results.
  • 7
    Grease & Oil Removal
    From engine blocks to axles, you can effortlessly and rapidly degrease any surface using the sheer power of light.
  • 8
    Removal of Soot Deposits
    With laser cleaning technology, fire-damaged surfaces can be swiftly and precisely cleaned without the need for chemicals or abrasives. This process effectively removes residues while preserving the integrity of the underlying surface.

Enquire Now

We offer convenient on-site services! Simply schedule an appointment, and we guarantee to arrive promptly and punctually every time.

Benefits Of Laser Technology

We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier

Environmentally Friendly

No Chemicals, Sand, or Water that have huge impacts on you, your pets, and the environment.



10 Times Faster than Sandblasting and Chemical Stripping! Reduce your customer lead times.


We come to you! Schedule an appointment and we will be there on time every time.
Cost Effective
Save big on labor-intensive blasting and stripping! We can do it in a fraction of the time for less than you think!
We can do as much or as little as you need. Set up a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly route, or just call us when you need us.
Chemicals and media associated with blasting, stripping, and pressure washing is dangerous. Laser cleaning technology is safe for everyone!